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Hi, I'm Jordan!

I help women maintain optimal health throughout pregnancy, postpartum, & motherhood by changing the way they think about healthy living. I help you take control over your health by shedding unhealthy habits, clearing up any misconceptions you have about nutrition, and getting you on the path to true wellness and lasting results. Through a variety of modalities, you'll learn how to tune into your body and discover what it needs so you can feel better & have more energy.

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How It Works?

Holistic wellness & nutrition is a mind, body, and spirit approach to healing. My Programs & Courses are not a quick fix. They are designed specifically for moms like you to help you reach your goals so that once you’re done, you’ll have created healthy habits that lead to lasting and lifelong results.


My services are rooted in the idea that healing is not a "one size fits all." Each person has a unique body, unique needs, and responds to different methods accordingly. What works for one person, may not work for another. I help you discover what works for your unique body, in and out of the kitchen, so that you can discover true health.

Holistic Nutrition

Learn how to create healthy, sustainable eating habits that work for YOUR unique body


Learn how to make movement an enjoyable, consistent activity in your life.

Mindset & Habits

Maintain your new habits with strategies to help you understand yourself on a deeper level & uncover blocks that having been keeping you from reaching your goals.


Build a solid Mindfulness practice to enhance your well-being, deepen your healing & become more aware, present, and grounded throughout each day.

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Making healthy living easier to accomplish.

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