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Jordan’s passion and enthusiasm for a healthier, holistic lifestyle is contagious! She’s always available with tips and suggestions on how to incorporate different foods into meal preparations with a vast knowledge of readily available substitutions to keep it clean and nutritious. Jordan also encourages and motivates me to exercise in a manner that fits into my schedule and lifestyle. Her experience definitely makes it easier for me to eat clean and get the nutrition I need with my busy schedule. Thank you for all your hard work Jordan!

Patti P., Nurse, Northwest Iowa

I have never tried a health coach like Jordan before but I can tell you that even after me being a fitness coach, Jordan taught me so much in such a short time. I am so grateful for her guidance. She was always so helpful and knowledgeable! I remember her helping me over the phone with certain foods while I was grocery shopping. I was so pleased with her feedback and suggestions. She is also very understanding. She understood that this part was what was the hardest for me and she helped me pull through and switch my mindset.

[I knew the program was working for me] when my energy switched after an entire week of eating well. I didn’t even need my pre-workout a few days in there because my body felt that good. And I was able to help my clients with the things she had taught me and those tips were helping them! She is the kindest person. I respect and value her opinion 100% and I am so thankful that I reached out to her.

Trissa, Health Coach, Northwest Iowa

Before I discovered Jordan's program I was tired most of the time and I felt like I hardly had any energy to play with my kids. I got sick often and seemed to pick up each and every virus that went around.

I was frustrated because I was starting to have a desire to eat better and get into exercising, but I really had no idea where to start. There is so much information out there on health, and I honestly felt so confused by it all. I would try to implement healthy changes, but I’d get overwhelmed and give up on them easily.

The moment I realized Jordan's program was working for me was about 4 months into the program. I had been working on implementing many changes to my health up to that point, but they didn’t seem to be making a big impact overall. After about 4 months though, everything seemed to click. Everything seemed to fall into place and to work together to make a big impact on my health.

The difference with Jordan’s coaching vs things I tried in the past came from her one-on-one support, her accountability, and her wealth of knowledge about all aspects of health. She taught me how physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health all affect one another, and that if one is off balance then they all will be. She also really simplified nutrition which helped me so much. She didn’t just say, “don’t eat this, or don’t eat that,” she explained the why behind everything.

I feel so much more empowered when it comes to health. I know so much more about why I want to be healthier, and the path to getting there is so much more clearly laid out now. Everything is so much more clear now.

-Amanda Rush, Yoga Teacher, Northwest Iowa

I realized this program was working for me about half way through when I started shifting my goals and mindset to focus on different things that I wanted to change. When I started, I wanted to lose weight. Now, I'm working to feel comfortable and happy in my own skin. When I started to understand that even the small victories counted and were worth celebrating, my mindset about myself and the journey changed. I started changing the way that I bought food and nourished my body, which brought on better sleep, less back pain, and a happier, healthier soul.

Sydney Peters, Social Work, Louisiana



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