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If you desire a more customized approach to reaching your health goals, my 1:1 coaching services or programs are for you. 

30 Day Nutrition Support

If you desire 1:1 nutrition guidance that is customized to help you reach your goals, this option is for you. This package is good for 30 Days of personalized nutrition support via email and/or voice messaging app.


How does it work?
Upon purchase, you'll receive an email confirmation from me with access to my personal work email as well as my contact info for voice/text messaging. During your 30-day period (which starts 24 hours after your purchase) you can receive 1:1 coaching from me during normal business hours. *Please note that this coaching does not take place over zoom, but rather over email/messaging.

What is the benefit of this type of coaching?
You can ask me questions and get nutrition advice customized to you at any time (during business hours.) You don't have to book a 'face-to-face' consult or wait for your next appointment. This is also a more budget friendly option, especially for those who don't necessarily want a protocol, but rather just guidance and accountability throughout the week on nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and overall healthy living.

What if I decide this type of coaching isn't for me?
If you decide within the first 7 days that this isn't for you, you can cancel your 30 day coaching package by emailing my team and you'll be refunded for the remaining 23 days. There are no refunds after 7 days.

Restore Your Gut Protocol

Stop guessing and start restoring your gut with this Gut Restore Elimination Plan! This 30 day plan was designed to give you a clear and concise plan for targeting years of gut health issues.

*Please note this is not a customized plan.


This Plan Is For You If...

  • You're overwhelmed with all the "gut healing" information out there.

  • You are or have been struggling with gut health issues that haven't gone away.

  • You want a plan that will tell you exactly what to do to start restoring your gut health today.

  • You want to feel better, have more energy, & optimize your health!


What's Included In This Plan:

  • A four week meal plan complete with grocery lists

  • A recipe guide to compliment your meal plans

  • A snack guide & 'yes/no' foods list so you know exactly which foods to snack on during the 30 day period

  • A 'How To' guide to help you understand why and how to follow an elimination protocol along with instructions for the reintroduction period

  • A symptom chart to guide you through the reintroduction period so you know exactly which foods are right for your body

Nourished Motherhood

Motherhood is an incredible blessing that oftentimes comes at the expense of our health. Over 50% of women enter motherhood deficient in many key nutrients. We're seeing an increase in autoimmune disease, gut disorders, mental health imbalances, and more in mothers.


There's no doubt that pregnancy greatly impacts the body, but what about the postpartum period?

This is seldom talked about, but the postpartum period isn't just the first 6 weeks after giving birth, but the first 6 years. And many women have more children during this time, creating a compound impact on the body. There are huge changes occurring in the body, specifically the gut, during the postpartum period. And how we nourish ourselves during this time period can impact our health years down the road.

But motherhood is a wild ride and our health often gets put on the back-burner. That's why I created Nourished Motherhood, a monthly membership that provides moms with the resources they need to feel good, decrease stress, & live a healthy and vibrant life.

Each month you'll receive a delicious, yet nourishing 4 week meal plan, a recipe pack, and a variety of other holistic resources to support you nutritionally, mentally, & physically.

This membership takes the guesswork out of "how to be healthy" so you have the energy to enjoy motherhood.

Customized Holistic Nutrition Protocol

This is service is for women who are wanting a customized & targeted plan for supporting their health & wellness goals. Whether you're trying to overcome a chronic condition, support your body throughout pregnancy & postpartum, or wanting to support your overall health, these protocols can support you.


How does this service work?

Upon purchase you'll receive an email from me with a form for you to complete detailing your health history & current health goals. Upon completion of this form, I will create a customized Holistic Nutrition Protocol designed to support your goals.


This Protocol will include:

-Nutrition Guidance with focus on foods that support your specific health goals

-Supplements, Herbs & Lifestyle Guidance to support your goals

-Guidance on which foods, herbs, and supplements to avoid depending on your goals

This service comes with 30 days of email communication so that you can ask any questions you may have about your protocol and to make changes to your protocol if needed.

Mindfully Nourished Program

The Mindfully Nourished Program is a 6-month, 1:1 Program for mamas who want to dive deeper into health & healing.


This is perfect for women who know they want to work with me in the long term, to either support them with pregnancy or postpartum nutrition or for long term support to reach their health goals.

The Mindfully Nourished Program Includes:

  • Nutrition Blueprint (Updated as needed)

  • Access to Program Resources, Modules, & Trainings on Holistic Nutrition, Health, & Lifestyle

  • Personalized Holistic Recommendation Plan (Updated Monthly)

    • Foods, Supplements, & Lifestyle Guidance

  • Bi-weekly 60 minute Nutrition/Holistic Health Coaching sessions held via zoom

  • Access to Text/Audio Support via Messaging App during business hours

  • Monthly 30 minute Energy Healing Sessions

  • Access to meditations, hypnotherapy, & EFT sessions/recordings personalized to your goals

  • 1 Guided 28 Day Digestive Cleanse (supplements not included)

  • 20% discount on additional Energy Healing Sessions

  • 20% discount on items in my Mindfully Nourished Shop

Payments for this program can be made monthly or paid in full.

Click the button below for more information or to contact me for pricing, details, & enrollment.


plus get access to free e-books when you sign-up!

Thanks for subscribing!

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