If you desire a more customized approach to reaching your health goals, a 1:1 session or program is for you. 

Due to the nature of my schedule, my availability varies. Therefore, these services are by request only.

Initial Holistic Nutrition Consult

During a nutrition consult we'll discuss your health goals and any health related concerns and create a Holistic Nutrition Protocol specific to your needs. These nutrition consults are unlike any other because we use your body, through a process called muscle testing, to discover what your unique body needs in terms of nutrition & supplementation.


Imagine taking the guesswork out of what to eat, what's healthy for you, and what supplements you should be taking. That's exactly what we'll uncover in this session so you'll never have to guess what works for your body again. 

This session is $250 for 90 minutes.

Follow ups are $125 for 60 minutes.

Energy Work Session

Long before disease manifests in the body, in starts in the energy body. Energy healing works by addressing your energy field to bring balance & harmony to your field & energy centers by removing diseased & stagnant energy.


While everyone responds to energy work differently, many people report feeling calmer, more grounded, & less stressed after sessions.

I use a method called Pranic Healing, which is a non-touch approach to energy work.


Sessions are done long distance over zoom.

30 min session: $50 

60 min. session: $80

Initial Holistic Nutrition Consult - Diving Deeper

Often times when we're struggling with chronic symptoms or conditions, there's an underlying emotional block accompanying it. This session is exactly like the Nutrition Blueprint Session, but also includes a scan of any trapped emotions that may be blocking you from reaching your health goals.


We work with your subconscious mind, through a process called muscle testing, to discover if you have a trapped emotion that may be keeping you from reaching your health goals, or contributing to chronic symptoms.

This session is $350 for 90 minutes & includes a 60 min. follow up session.

Additional Follow Ups are $197 for 90 minutes.

1:1 Program

Instead of booking follow up after follow up, commit to 3, 6, or 9 support and get 2 sessions per month, access to my signature holistic wellness program, up to 1 energy work session per month, and access to direct voice & text messaging with me via mobile app.


You'll come out on the other side with more energy, less stress, better digestion, confidence, & empowerment. You'll understand exactly how to listen to your body and discover what it needs to thrive.

You'll also get access to a wide variety of holistic wellness modalities including holistic nutrition, energy work, EFT (Tapping,) hypnotherapy, yoga, energetic cleansing, and NLP.


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