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Energy Work Services

What Is Energy Healing?

Long before disease manifests in the physical body, it starts in the energy body. During energy healing sessions, the practitioner works with the flow of energy in one's energy field (aura) & energy centers (chakras) to remove blockages and restore the flow of energy.

It aligns, restores, & replenishes to amount & quality of energy in the body.

While everyone responds to energy work differently, many people report feeling calmer, more grounded, & less stressed after sessions.

What Can I Expect During A Session?

Session are held long distance via zoom. Because we are working with the energy field, one does not need to be physically with the practitioner to receive the healing. It is also important to note that the practitioner is not "doing" the healing. The practitioner is the vessel for the healing that is being channeled from the divine.

I'll start by answering any questions you have before the session, clearing the space, & saying a invocation.

All that is needed on your end is to close your eyes, sit back, relax, and enjoy the energy.

After the session, I'll give you a healing report, noting any areas that stood out. I'll close with grounding and releasing. You'll receive a follow up email with post healing guidelines.

How Do I Book A Session?

To request an Energy Healing Session, click the button to email me for a session request. We will then schedule a time that works for both us of to do your session & a zoom link with session info will be emailed to you. Please include your name, if you're requesting a 30 or 60 minute session, and if you're purchasing a single session or a package.

Session Pricing:

30 Minute Session: $50          60 Minute Session: $80

     Session Packages:

2 - 30 minute Sessions: $90           2 - 60 Minute Sessions: $150

4 - 30 Minute Sessions: $180         4 - 60 Minute Sessions: $300

6 - 30 Minute Sessions: $260        6 - 60 Minute Sessions: $440