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The Postpartum Course


Food is our life force. It sets the foundation for healing and impacts your mood, physical health, & your baby. 50% of women enter the postpartum period nutrient deficient. This sets the stage for mood swings, bloating, indigestion, irritability, and more. 1 in 3 mothers will experience postpartum depression or anxiety. These are symptoms with direct links to deficiencies in key nutrients such as vitamin D, B vitamins & iron. Yet, many women will never be tested for nutrient levels or even educated on this topic. The postpartum period is arguably one on the most important times to make sure the body is getting proper nutrition. It sets the stage for healing and can impact your health (& your baby's health) years down the road. The Postpartum Course is a 6-week course to guide you through the 4th trimester. This course will help you: - Nourish your body wholly...physically, mentally, & emotionally. - Use foods & herbs to support the hormone changes postpartum. - Use food to promote healing, support the gut, & aid in nutrient absorption. You'll also receive printable downloads including: - A breastfeeding & postpartum guide - Postpartum recipes -Postpartum meal plans - Gut health & hormone guides - And much more!

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