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Holistic Nutrition

Initial 90-Minute Consultation

- 90-Min Baseline Assessment

- 60-Min Follow Up Session

-Personalized Holistic Recommendations Protocol

-Discount on Professional Supplements

Price: $250

Holistic Nutrition

Follow Up Consultation

-Consultations up to 60 minutes

-Review of Recommendations Protocol

-Follow up on symptoms: What's Better? The Same? Worse?

-Updated Protocol & Recommendations as needed

Price: $125

Food Allergies

Delayed Food Allergy Testing

-Delayed Food Allergy Testing to Maximize Health

-Interpretation Session (up to 60 min)

-Personalized Holistic Recommendation Protocol for Removing Allergens 

-Recommendations for Allergen reintroduction

Price: $125 (Testing not included)

$375 (Testing included)