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Basic 1:1 Program

Mindfully Nourish

This program is for ambitious mamas ready for lifelong results. This holistic nutrition & lifestyle coaching program is customized to your specific wants, needs & preferences so you can get off the roller coaster and make sustainable change.

3-month support: $1300

6-month support: $2500

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Protocol Specific

Mindfully Restore

This program is for those who are wanting to create healthy, sustainable habits while at the same time nourishing their body with ailment specific protocols. This program takes a look a current & past health status to help create a protocol that best suites your needs. 

3-month support: $1600

6-month support: $3200


Mindfully Nurture

This program is for mamas who want the healthiest pregnancy possible. We'll work together throughout your pregnancy for optimal nutrition & mindfulness so you can feel confident for labor and improve post-partum healing. This program is also available as a 6-week post-partum healing package.

6-month support: $3200

9-month support: $4500

6-week Postpartum support: $800